Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Recent Publications

The Legendary
Fast Food Sestina
Joe Strummer gives advice to William S. Burroughs
Blunt Force Trauma
Another Barcelona
AK-47: Mikhail’s Tractor
I-95: Not Looking Back
This Ain’t Tibet, Baby

Short, Fast, and Deadly
Ode to February 15th

Night Train (ceased publication)
Daddy Warbucks Got Indicted

Clinch Mountain Review (print publication)
Surviving the Drought (prose)
The Guns of Pittston
The Firefly
Maybe it’s Just Me

Hazard Cat
What Happens on Saturday Night Around Here

Floyd County Moonshine (print publication)
Slow Cards with One-Armed Men (short story)

Dead Mule School of Southern Literature (coming out Feb. 2013)
Lumberyard Sestina
News from Home
Trailways Madonna
On Mapping a Slave Cemetery

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